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robin can guide you in transformative self reflective work with authentic compassion, insight and skill. this work explores two simultaneous paths: 1. looking inward to gain insight into the ways your own unique operating system is wired and building trust with this system so that we are able to release burden and suffering 2. implementing simple practices that shift your awareness, so that you are able to live from the center of your authentic life force energy more and more completely.

through her training and intuitive work, robin has become familiar with many of the patterns of protection and managing that modern humans use to engage with themselves and the world. she has also gathered and refined a collection of simple and effective tools so she can help you to create repeatable practice and integration that offers sustainable change and rewiring. robin’s clients experience deep supported transformation while also developing their capacity to tend to themselves as they progress through this body of work.

robin’s desire is clear. to discover the most awake and compassionate expression of herself, and to support any other living beings who are interested in a similar attunement. whether you are looking for relief from anxiety, depression, or illness — or you are just wanting someone who can guide you towards experiencing your most comfortable and powerful expression in business, creativity, and relationships - robin would love to collaborate with you.

all of robin’s offerings are created with the intention of sinking into life philosophies & practices that will welcome you home to the most vibrant, embodied, and awakened evolution of your self. robin consistently invites you to engage with all aspects of self with authenticity, love, clarity and compassion.


private sessions

private sessions are customized support. you will explore ways of radically expanding into your life. robin guides you using a collection of approachable and effective practices  to reclaim your inherent and spectacular freedoms.

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group work

in group work programs you have the ability to experience the transformational power of shared intention, exploration, and reflection. join these offerings as a more affordable way to maximize your learning and evolution.

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downloadable practices

explore the collection of . these building block practices are self paced and can be mixed and matched to build daily rhythms, magnify your self expression and encourage internal landscape compassionate understanding.

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love for robin

"working with robin is something that I just couldn't live without. it's opened me up to a better way of living."