work with me

one-on-one sessions offer support exploring ways of radically expanding into and shifting your life. robin offers guided and held time to listen and speak, to touch sacred permissions and support you as you reclaim your inherent and spectacular freedoms. together we explore, to meet and give voice to layers of your own creation, protectors, patterns and lesser known parts. this internal mapping creates trust so we can extend invitations to all of the self to rejoin the active, curious, engaged loving and living of you own particular life. 

Robin is off the hook talented, directly connected, generously soft, fearlessly edgy and warrior-like true. Working with her has been a mirror, she saw me in ways I had forgotten to see, a reminder of what I am here for and an instigator to continue full and deep on the healing path, for myself and for my earth.
— MaryBeth B.
Robin has held up a flame to illuminate my truths, helped me reconnect with long lost pieces of my soul, expand the horizons of my potential and liberate my clearest voice. She has guided me down the paths of self-permission, self-acceptance and self-as-home. I call her my shaman therapist, because truly, that is what she has been for me.
— Kelly C.
I am currently relying on Robin to guide me in growth I have been too self-conscious and fearful to pursue previously. I experience Robin as a guide into worlds and ways I hoped might exist, but couldn’t really imagine for myself. Also, Robin is funny and irreverent and welcomes my filthy language.
— Katie M.

session offerings


practical gathering: single strategy sessions
From $108


  • one time, focused, one on one strategy session .
  • single sessions can be scheduled for thirty, or fifty minutes.
  • sessions can take place on phone or video.
  • strategy sessions are designed as one time, or occasional, clear and practical guidance modality.
  • you are invited to bring specific questions or life decisions to these sessions.


  • a person who is looking for thematic insight and guidance.
  • an individual who is excited about using alternative modalities to gather perspective and support.
  • an entrepreneur, creative, activist, witch, magician, homesteader – those inspired to awaken themselves and the world.
  • a person who is curious about robin's work but not ready to dive into luminary collaborative sessions.


  • the opportunity to choose: card reading, journey work or channeling.
  • expertise and guidance in translating and creating plans and practices based on the information gathered.
  • a safe and compassionate space to be inquisitive about your own life and work.
  • an opportunity to deepen your own intuitive practices with robin's support.


single strategy sessions offer safe and open space to get a taste of my style of work as you explore focused questions or life decisions using your tool of choice. together we bring your questions to the cards, a traditional shamanic journey, or a more open channeling session. these sessions are designed to gather thematic information and use it to help you create resonant life strategies. single strategy sessions are always supportive, compassionate, and held.

luminary collaborative sessions
From $210


  • ongoing one on one session work over a mutually agreed upon time period.
  • single sessions can be scheduled for thirty, sixty or ninety minutes.
  • sessions can take place on phone or video.
  • includes limited email support.
  • luminary collaborative sessions are the most customized of robin's offerings.
  • you are invited to participate actively as this work is intended to be unique and collaborative, there is no pre-determined formula.


  • an inspired person who is looking for support and perspective.
  • an individual who is exploring how to bring peace and vibrancy to internal and external landscapes.
  • an entrepreneur, creative, activist, witch, magician, homesteader – those inspired to awaken themselves and the world.
  • a human who is struggling and hurting, but simultaneously wanting to develop the capacity to hold space for trauma, anxiety, depression and more.


  • collaborative creation of a customized practice that is accessible and applicable to daily life.
  • expertise and guidance in mapping your own complex human operating system.
  • an ongoing relationship where you can explore deep and often challenging emotions in safety.
  • an opportunity to meet and befriend the habitual and patterned way your pieces and parts have learned to interact with each other and the world around them.

luminary collaborative sessions offer a beautiful space to lean into our shared knowing in a supportive environment. i offer my experience, training, knowledge, practice and gifts to you as we explore your own deep wisdom together. these sessions will lead us on a beautiful compassion based path to illuminating your most profound and inspired life, not by erasing any parts of you, but instead by remembering your powerful ways of softening to your entire system with curiosity. these sessions will illuminate your own most true and aligned ways of showing up to yourself in all aspects of your life including business, work, love, movement, and life style. 


grief & mortality sessions: death support
FROM $395


  • four weeks of individualized private teaching and support around death and grief.
  • join on your own or bring along a friend/family member at no additional cost.
  • includes one weekly phone/video immersion with robin for one session (approx 40-55 minutes).
  • includes one weekly phone/video check-in with robin (approx 10-15 minutes).
  • includes customized practices and worksheets as suited to the individuals practice


  • individuals facing death.
  • individuals living with mortality awareness due to chronic disease.
  • individuals in supportive and care roles of those facing mortality.
  • individuals in active grief.
  • individuals supporting those in active grief.
  • individuals working with death and grief in a professional capacity.


  • safe and appropriate language options to discuss death and grief.
  • confidence to regard death and dying as beautiful.
  • concrete practices to affirm life and it's relationship to death.
  • space to process fears, questions and the realities of living with death.
  • normalizing death, dying, and grief for individuals and communities.
  • rewriting narratives around life, death, and grief.


the grief and mortality sessions offer compassionate space to explore and study your own relationship to death, dying and grief. this series of sessions covers language, practices, and process to cultivate a deeper personal comfort and understanding of your own unique experience of and relationship with death. this series is specifically designed to support you in cultivating comfort with discomfort, creating space to discover the beauty and inspiration that can be available to us all as a piece of the end of life experience. sessions will be tailored to fit the specific kind of support and guidance you are seeking.


i maintain a handful of time slots open for those who cannot afford to pay my hourly rate.  

if financial concerns are the only obstacle to us working together please email me so we can discuss possible options.  




robin lives in small town new england with her family of two and four legged light bringers. she consistently invites you to engage with all aspects of self with authenticity, love, clarity and compassion. daily practice, movement exploration, and freedom seeking are integral pieces of robin’s life and work. robin is also a writer/wordsmith and mystic food alchemist. she is equally unafraid of primal coffee, green smoothies, kitchen dance parties, kombucha and rye. robin shows up both to hold space for the quiet and live life loud. 

From the first session, it was clear that working with Robin was the answer to a prayer that I almost dared not make. She sees so effortlessly into the hidden corners of the mind, and leads the dance that reveals the strengths and unravels the follies. I have deep abiding gratitude for our work together—it’s been utterly transformative.
— Lisa R.
Robin has illuminated many layers of my self as she guides me, time and again, toward incredible shifts and new edges—not in some far off ‘there’ or ‘then,’ but actually here and now in my everyday life. She does not rush me, but we are never idle. She celebrates me and, to my surprise and relief, does not tire of my stumbling along the rocky inner landscapes.
— Jenny D.
Robin E. Sandomirsky is a Light Bringer and Vanquisher of Shame.
With fear and trembling I began working with her, only to be amazed at the freedom and growth I am experiencing.
She brings truth and hope.

I highly recommend journeying with her for the adventure of a lifetime.

— Beverly S.
Robin is a gifted helper and guide. She has helped me find clarity and a direction for action in my personal growth and in the growth of my business. Our sessions leave me with practical actions to focus on and also with a big-picture sense of reconnecting to my center.
— Jonathan B.
Timely insights, support and space being held for the work we do.
This is what comes with every session I’ve experienced with Robin. It enables me to feel comfortable truly being myself in so many ways. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her beautiful work.
— Carla M.
I chose to work with Robin to navigate a time of big transition for myself and my business. I wanted someone who could hold the big dreams and help me start to put those on the ground, while also navigating physical and emotional challenges that were present due to life circumstances.
— Jessie T.