death medicine keepers

|9 week practicum|

june 2018

the death medicine keepers circle, a space to cozy into deeper exploration of death practices and inspired living. 


the circle is a deeper dive into story and exploration with weekly virtual gatherings and a series of teachings, guided practices, and invitations. death medicine keepers circle is intended to be a safe and connected experience so space is limited. 


we seek to courageously explore, supported by the ancient practices, storytelling, and medicine keeping

in july i had the gift opportunity to be with my friend and soul sister, Kelly Clark, for the last weeks of her earthly life. i was able to tend to her in all the ways i knew and didn’t know how. it was a blessing. it deepened my desire to experience the magic of life. it brought me into more intimate practice with death and loss. 


i had hoped somehow
to help,
as though that was a thing -
every day language,
her self a great love of mine,
fails me.
and something else rises up
more primal,
like the language we
are about to remember
our way back to.


in the months since she passed away i have journeyed, written, pulled cards, told stories, dreamt and breathed through the exploration of death, of dying, of grieving, of living. close proximity with death has echoed as an invitation into this life and learning how to make space for the powerful art of grief is a blessing.


i invite you into this as a space to listen, practice, and share. our work will be simple and profound. what is your relationship with death? what is your relationship with life? how do you want to live? how do you want to die? how do you want to tend to living? how can you tend to dying? how can you bring love to yourself in all this? how can you deeply love others in their own process? 


i have come to believe that all of life is an invitation to dance with death practice.

but, it is a challenge to locate space, time, and community that is rich with and open to death practice invitations. 

i seek to offer this. a space.  an invitation into the shadow and light of death and grief. 

an invitation into the profound beauty of a wild and visionary life while we are here. 

a space to discover all this with and for yourself and for all of us.


the circle includes:

  • weekly hour long live virtual circle for shared practice and exploration
  • weekly short group check-in to answer questions as they arise
  • private website with curated tools such as guided meditation recordings, writing prompts, recipes and other resources 
  • a private Facebook group as space to share work, reflections and community throughout our time together 
  • a practice support gift box with elixirs, scents, stones and talismans crafted by some of most favorite creators
  • if desired, death medicine keepers circle members can schedule one on one guidance and deeper luminary cartography work with robin at a discounted rate for the duration of the program 
  • guest contributions and conversations


during our weekly live virtual circles we will engage with practices and invitations to explore our relationship to death and dying, vibrant living, the art and mess of grieving, and deeply embodied tending. 


we will ground into this exploration using several means:

  • story
  • guided visioning/meditation practice
  • creative exploration (writing, painting, sketching, choose your medium)
  • simple comfortable movement 
  • conversation, questions and answers
  • invitation to explore intuitive realms, magic, journey work and or tarot/oracle
  • straight forward ritual and rhythms to hold us

if you are feeling called to join the death medicine keepers circle but you have any questions or are wondering if this is the right experience for you please don't hesitate to be in touch. i would love to connect with you and explore together. 

*i am able to offer a few partial scholarships for this program, if you would like to find out more about this process please reach out.