death medicine keepers

|the project|

the death medicine keepers project is a free, donation supported, heart  project. the live, virtual gatherings will be a space for intentional exploration of living with the promise of dying. 


our next live, virtual gathering is scheduled for

march 15, 2018 at 9pm est

on this call we can begin our exploration of relationship to and through living and dying. we will ground into this exploration using some or all of the following:

  • story
  • guided visioning/meditation practice
  • creative exploration (writing, painting, sketching, choose your medium)
  • simple comfortable movement 
  • conversation, questions and answers
  • invitation to explore intuitive realms, magic, journey work and or tarot/oracle
  • straight forward ritual and rhythms to hold us

you do not need certain experience of any kind to join in. if you are here on this planet with breath in your lungs that is enough.



the death medicine keepers project monthly live virtual gatherings are donation supported and available to all.  


the death medicine keepers project will be a live, virtual gathering held on Zoom. please register here to join in.