my path to becoming a telepathic animal communicator, shaman and healer.  

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i have avoided working on this page for days and weeks and possibly even years.  when i was little i liked to sleep pressed up against my wall.  i would get tucked in and you would find me in the same exact spot in the morning, covers barely rumpled my body curled into a small round c-curve cuddled up with the wall my bed was against.  the cats would have come to join me of course, how can a person sleep without at least one small warm body circled up within their own slumbering shape.  

when i was a teenager i was at a friends house once.  their parents were away and their elderly dog was hiding under a car in the garage.  they needed her to come into the house so they could give her her medicine.  i had never met her but i knew how to sit on the garage floor and tell her it was okay to come out.  she listened to me.  i walked her into her house.  i always felt that i knew who i was when i was with the animals.

when i was a bit older i was thrown off a great big horse and i fractured a few of the vertebrae in my back.  in a why not moment my mom called a local animal communicator to gather information.  trying to decide if we should blame the horse or our own human mistakes.  

a few months later i found myself at a weekend long workshop learning to communicate telepathically with animals.  as soon as i tried to listen, the animals spoke to me.  they came to me each night in dreams and they connected to me while i was awake.  they began to whisper, speak and shout at me about spirit.  that was the end of the end and the beginning of my beginning.  i started to step into myself.  

the animals always spoke to me about spirit, about life, about god, about death.  they peed on their person's bed as part of a sacred spiritual message.  they refused to jump the fence to mirror their person's fears.  their back hurt because their persons back hurt.  the people who called me would cry, apologize to me for crying, get frustrated, and call me back again for more.  the animals spoke the truth as teachers, healers and guides.  i emptied myself of attachment and judgement and dared myself to share their messages.  with each message i let pass through me i grew, shifted, healed my self.

next i found myself at a shamanic journeying workshop.  a bunch of women sat in circle.  i don't think any of us had ever journeyed before.  we listened to the shaman leading us, we sang, we moved, we drummed, we started to journey.  again my heart landed right.  by the end of that workshop i was journeying on behalf of other women who were there.  at their request.  it felt as easy as sitting on the garage floor inviting that old dog out to walk with me.  they say your true path is wide and flat.

i mentored with a shaman, i went to workshops, i begged my guides to lead me to my real, live, breathing, walking, human form teacher.  no one showed up.  i worked mostly alone with the invisible world.  my training was my own.  

i went back to school and got a masters degree in counseling psychology.  animals i knew.  people scared me.  i learned how to sit with a person.  i learned how to speak with a person.  i learned how to listen to a person in pain, and allow them their pain, and not presume to know more than i should.  as a shaman you work as a vessel.  seeker of information, sharer of information, hopefully bringing healing with you.  but there are times when you have to be willing to sit with healing that is nothing like what you had imagined.  when healing means sickness, pain, suffering, anguish, loss.  i learned how to be more comfortable being uncomfortable.

still i trained.  with my guides.  with my invisible team.  with the animals i was hired to work with.  the animals wanted me to journey for them.  people started wanting to work with also.  my practice shifted and merged and became each time i took someone on - person or animal.  i helped spirits cross over, i helped animals recover from trauma, i helped people heal from injury, illness, and emotional strain.  i did traditional journeying on behalf of others, i did hands on energy work, i channeled messages from guides, guardian angels, deceased relatives, and animal friends.  i worked with flower essences and herbs.  i guided the beings who came to me towards working directly with their own guides, developing their own practice, finding their own path.  i had no idea what to call myself.

my children came to me.  both born in the light.  beautiful amazing transforming souls.  i devoted myself to them.  i strived to create a magical, peaceful, beautiful home for them.  i became a mama and it made my heart complete.  all the crazy insane things people say about love i can say about my children.  they constantly push me to be my highest and best.  for them, i would do anything.

and still, i trained.  i journeyed to the creaking of the rocking chair as i rocked my babies to sleep.  i spoke to clients on the phone late at night while my children were sleeping.  i worked with my guides to help me to learn how to be a parent.  i connected, and connected and connected.  as a full time mama of two young children i learned how to connect directly to my spirit guides, my power animals, my healing support teams on the fly.  in an instant.  for an instant.  for hours.  my practice melded into my life.  my life turned into a practice.  

deepened my yoga practice.  i had spent the last chunk of years learning how to leave my body, how to fly off to other worlds, how to connect to something outside of myself.  it was time to journey in the other direction.  it was time to reconnect to my own sacred temple.  to be able to journey inwards for light with as much ease as i journeyed out to the light.  oh it was work.  but i blossomed into it.  i practiced yoga once a week, then twice a week, then everyday.  i entered my teacher training.  i learned and learned.  i connected with my guides as i developed my own personal practice.  i used my ability to connect when i started teaching others.  i tuned ever inwards to the healing power inherent in moving the body, using the body, having a body.  it completed the circle.  i became within and without.  i became my own bright light and i ceased to exist, connecting only to the light of the divine loving universe.  i learned again what a personal practice is.

i have trained.  i have practiced.  i practiced animal communication until i could do my work live in front of a crowd of people without freezing up with worry about looking strange or making mistakes.  i practiced working with my spirit guides until i knew what it meant to trust the invisible world.  until i sensed what it was to live life having the honor to call yourself a healer.  i practiced my yoga until i knew what it was to have the blessing of my own personal temple.  

i read, i laugh, i cook, i eat.  i offer myself up as a healer, a light seeker, a light bringer, to any living being who feels called to work with me.  i devote myself to the service of others in the name of spirit, love and light.  i devote myself to healing myself, over and over again, knowing that being open, raw, honest and on my own path is the greatest calling i have.  i strive to grow, shift, and heal with the dedication and strength of a warrior.  a spiritual warrior.  a warrior of healing.  a warrior of light.  i dedicate myself to the wide flat paths of life - knowing that any and all sacred striving leads us to the top of the same beautiful mountain.  towards the light.

i am filled with words.  this is just one version of my story.  it is enough for today.





the quick & dirty bio

february 3, 1978 i was ushered into this world in the soft embrace of one of boston’s biggest and most famous blizzards.  a deep brilliance of quiet white.  i took my first steps under the watchful eyes of four family cats, i walked many hours through the woods with my first dog, i have learned my greatest lessons through the soft breath of a horse or strong neck embrace of a donkey.  the animals always held me.  in this lifetime i have touched the darkness many times over.  still i grow towards the light.  i seek a balance of the two.  i seek a balance of all the divine dualities of life - above & below, effort & ease, masculine & feminine, ida & pingala, in breath & out breath, standing up & falling down, creation & destruction, perfection & mistake, walking into the fires & practicing tender restoration.  

i have trained and worked as a telepathic animal communicator, shaman, psychic, hands on and intuitive healer for many years.  i have earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in counseling psychology.  i am a certified yoga instructor and a certified holistic life coach.  my work grows and shapeshifts as spirit guides.  i connect deeply with my guides, healing teams, and vibrational energies from the spirit and natural realms.  i believe that every being on this earth deserves healing.  i believe that my ability to connect with guides, angels, spirits, and energies allows me the gift of walking with you on your own personal path towards healing.  i create my offerings in the spirit of service to the greater good of the world.  knowing in my heart that each tiny step towards healing for any single being ripples ever outwards affecting healing everywhere.