feast collection :: quite beautiful

november 16 - 21 2015

the idea is so simple it may blow my mind.  what if i notice the beauty of the world around me, the beauty of my own life, of the great mother, of the skies and the food i eat and the way my children laugh.  what if i notice that, in fact, everything is quite beautiful.  and then, if everything is beautiful.  i may be as well.  


Poem of the One World
This morning
the beautiful white heron
was floating along above the water
and then into the sky of this
the one world
we all belong to
where everything
sooner or later
is part of everything else
which thought made me feel
for a little while
quite beautiful myself.
- mary oliver



i invite you to join me this november for a six day experience - a mini-exploration of a life of feast quite beautiful.  a feast of right balance and resonant proportions.  a life of savoring, and reflecting, and enjoying, and creating.  i am going to spend the week treating myself to simple food and drink that feel like home, making space for a little bit of meditation and reflection each day, indulging in soulful inspiration and playing with creative spark all around this one little theory - the world is beautiful, my life is beautiful.  perhaps it all is beautiful.  perhaps i am a part of it all.  quite beautiful.  that the sky is such, that my soup pot is such, that my family is such, that i am such — all the beautiful of the world.



because here we are - entering the season of gratitude.  in new england we are somewhat prepared for it as the great mother herself has painted the trees in bold reds and yellows, blued the sky beyond our imagining and swept it with tufted white clouds so that we can barely stand the beauty surrounding us anymore. november comes and we know that soon we will spiral deeper within - the longer darker days asking us to look towards our own hearts for the brightest of light.  but we gaze softly around us first.  we celebrate the wild abandon grace of the summer and surprisingly deep golds off the fall.  we nod our heads in some kind of yes. we reach out to take hands with our family and friends, or we sit down to share a meal, or we bake pies together and sip wine late into the night - perhaps by a fire.  


maybe it is colder and you have to remember to wrap yourself in a scarf.  maybe you are a little off put by the approaching darkness and long days of snow.  maybe…but you feel equally that you are meant to sweetly celebrate.  to celebrate at something about this moment, this meal, this hot cup of tea, this life.  it isn’t grand it is simple - but the simpleness of it makes it grand.  because it is yours.  


…where everything
sooner or later
is part of everything else
which thought made me feel
for a little while
quite beautiful myself.


and isn’t that how it goes.  when we take stock.  when we look at all the simple and complex beauty we have gathered, stitched, woven together to make our life.  when we absorb the season and indulge in a little extra something and take a moment to tell our sister we love her - don’t we notice the beauty and then indeed feel for a moment at least that in all that is beautiful we are too.  that we may be - if it all is - quite beautiful.


me, i love mashed potatoes with butter.  and so, may i love myself.  


i want to consciously notice and gather the nuggets of all that is gold in my life, string them into my own special mala, and sweet sacred revel in their being.  that i may say thank you to all that is.  and perhaps even a small thank you to my self.


i want to dive into what is with a heart eager to explore and a practice of noticing all the amazing around me and within me.  i am calling you - the seekers, explorers, lifestyle creators, heart miners and shape shifters to come play with me.  if you are diving deep into your sacred life.  if you are an artist, a maker, a writer, a discoverer, a path walker, a weaver of life, i would love you by my side as i make a week of it.  a week of beautiful.


{a life of feast is always seasonal.  in tune with the spinning of the earth and the way the great mother whispers to me.  i live in new england so this shapes my way of living, preparing, cooking, and creating. feast collection :: quite beautiful will be a late fall flavored experience.}

if you chose to join in it will look like this:

  • daily heart missile writing and soul fired words served on our private homespace - guiding you towards your own practice of reflection and creation.
“Robin, your words are SO inspiring to me... I feel like I need to just read them and read them and read them again until they saturate all the hiding places in my body... thank you.” Pamela M.
  • three live Spreecast times for checking in and hashing out.


  • simple recipes & culinary inspiration.
  • recorded meditation & movement offerings.
  • a dash of the unexpected and possibly profound.  we just don't know.
  • a love note.


so, a week of intention together.  a little this, a little that, all in the name of your life, your treasures, you.  quite beautiful.  


this is not an ecourse.  this is my current form effort of holding space for a shared life shaping experience.  i will not be presenting things for you to learn but allowing whatever truths i have access to to pour through me.  the outline of what will be included is set, as described above, but in my experience from similar offerings this week will come through as what is most needed for all of us involved.  we will receive, we will create, we will discover, we will unearth, we will tuck in, we will evolve, we will elevate, we will crumble, we will shed, we will restore, we will build we will do what needs doing and rest what needs resting.

anything goes.  and this soul deep life.  it is what is calling for you.  it is what you deserve.  if you find your self interested don’t hesitate.  dive into what is yours.  it is quite beautiful.

"The way each day was set up, at least as I chose to experience it was also great for me. I started the day with the reading, and then looked forward to the spreecast as a way of hearing everyone's thoughts/processing and then had the other outlets as points of contact throughout the day. In many ways it was better than a real life retreat because it lifted out the most essential parts and then left room for everyone to experience that in the midst of their daily lives. I actually really loved that format..."  -River

something like faq's:


what is expected of me?

the quite beautiful week is my newest baby. a little offering i am crafting up to help us all come into a more balanced state of being this november. as i was trying to create the "sales page" (what a terrible name) i wrote a bunch of super awesome stuff about beauty and inspiration. and i can see how you might still walk away from reading it like, "that is nice...but what is actually going on?"

so, for that week the number one most biggest thing i am offering you is me. i will be channeling, creating, letting it all flow through in some kind of spicy fire heart warming soul sifting writing each day. all just for you. and i will be showing up on Spreecast for some live time. Spreecast is half insanity half fun because it allows me to be on live video feed (though possibly wearing pajama bottoms) and you can watch live and type comments in for me to respond to. all Spreecasts are also recorded so you can access them later if the live schedule isn't your thing.

but what is expected of you?  
that is really up to you. in theory i will ask you to hunker down with the writing each day and use it to spark your own process. maybe that means journaling, or poetry, or painting, or just allowing space for your internal layers to shift. i will also be inviting you to join in the simple act of preparing food and drinks with love and adoration that feels good to you. i will be providing some recorded meditations and chanting that i will invite you try out to see if it is something you like. i will invite you play around with movement the littlest bit each day just to see what your body wants you to know. we will have private space on Facebook (and through the Spreecasts) to allow this to be a shared experience. or, if you want to stay on the quieter side that is totally up to you. and, as with anything i offer i will be there for you. fully, completely, wide open, i will take your call or reply to your text or otherwise hold your hand a little bit if it needs holding. because that is how i roll.

i am going to keep showing up here trying to figure out and explain what the fuck i am up to. please please, let me know if you have any questions.

love to you all,



today i was talking to someone about her experience in Resonant Graffiti with UmberDove and i this september, and we compared it to the difference between chanting by yourself and chanting with a room full of people. holy wow does that amplify things.

it is hard for me to exactly explain what my novemeber offering, feast collection :: quite beautiful, is because i haven't seen the model out there. what it is - me holding significant space for some transformation in the nameof connecting you more fully and completely with your own beautiful self and beautiful life. not just some transformation but potentially life altering, small group, shared resonance, amazing, gut wrenching, light bringing changing. the kind you may recover from in the soft light of the dawn.

all that in the tender wrapping of my heart, with the comfort of food, and drink, and meditation, and movement intuitively designed to support you and light you up. 

feast is about you feasting on your life, feasting on your self, becoming a site of feast. and quite beautiful is about this particular time of year...when we are positioned just so to dive into gratitude. i want to weave them together into a week long experience of you coming more completely into you. and me coming more completely into me. and us doing this together because that is powerful stuff.

so there...day one of me trying to explain what the fuck i am doing in the world. and why you might want to come play with me.

any questions i am dying to answer them. let's excavate together. 

xo, robin