below are some answers to questions you might have.  i hope you find them helpful.  if you feel still curious or confused after reading please contact me and i'll answer anything you want to know.

How did your journey as a intuitive healer begin?

when i was about eighteen years old i got bucked off a horse and fractured two of the vertebrae in my back.  at the suggestion of a friend we hired an animal communicator to try to figure out why the horse had gotten so upset and dumped me.  the experience was pretty amazing.  after that i decided to train as an animal communicator.  from there i was led to train as a shaman and then the path seemed to just keep developing ahead of me.  i just listened to advice my guides gave me an deepened my practice.  i also took some time to get a masters degree in counseling psychology to aid in my ability to work with people.  i have always maintained a practice working with both animals and people.  i love doing both.

What does Soyala and your work mean to you?

oh wow, this is hard to answer.  it means the world to me.  i started off working with animals (and the people that care for them) and right away it just felt like the biggest gift the universe could give me.  each time that i am able to work with a client (person or animal) i feel so blessed.  i feel blessed to have the ability to connect with my team, i feel blessed to work as a vessel and have the information and healing flow through me, i feel blessed that my work is so beautiful and meaningful and that i somehow get to help beings feel better.  how amazing is that?  i truly believe that all beings deserve healing and i am honored when i have the chance to help someone along their own healing path. 

My healing sessions with Robin are always divinely guided and supported completely. She pulls from a large pool of wisdom and tradition. As we are ever changing beings, I really appreciate that each healing session is vastly different depending on what’s needed. One session may include essential oils to facilitate healing and another you may simply need to receive energy. She is totally connected to your highest and best and intuitively knows which tool to put to use. Robin is one of the most genuine and effective healers I have ever worked with. She speaks from the heart without judgement. Her ability to heal is a true gift. I recommend her services to anyone. She is truly amazing!
— Lindsey, MA

What can people expect from your offerings?

well right away with any session i will connect with the spirit guides and other members of my “team” that i work with.  i will also connect with the client and any guides, angels, goddesses etc. that they work with that want to contribute to the session.  from that point on my own personal idea’s and point of view are basically gone from the picture.  then we will spend some time talking a bit to focus in on what the session will be about.  you can share what led you contact me, what you are struggling with, or just any idea’s or questions you have.  and then the work is guided completely by what comes through to me.  sometimes we might do a more traditional journey where i will journey on your behalf.  sometimes a specific guide will given spoken messages.  there is always a back and forth between my team (through me) and my client.  you won’t feel lost, confused, or alone through any of the process.  everything will be communicated very clearly with you - exactly what is going on and what i am getting.  you will feel held, loved, and guided. 

What is your “team”?

i like to use the word team to describe the energies that i work with for my sessions.  my team is made up of a set of spirit guides and universal healing energies that i connect with every single time i work a session, lead a group in meditation, teach a yoga class, or do anything of that nature.  i also have an array of animal medicines, goddesses, and spirit guides that i invite in depending on the work being done.  these energies always tell me whether they should be included or not.  so the team is basically the group of invisible energies and guides that i am working with during a session.  this way everything that happens during the session is led by energies more powerful and beautiful than just i could provide.  in this way, similar to the shaman, i work as the empty vessel and let the energy of the team flow through me to you.

“I chose to work with Robin to navigate a time of big transition for myself and my business. I wanted someone who could hold the big dreams and help me start to put those on the ground, while also navigating physical and emotional challenges that were present due to life circumstances. It turned out Robin is the perfect gal for this kind of job. Working with Robin gives me a touch tone of focus that keeps me on track and offers me perspective and accountability. Walking in regular life or through the many realms, Robin is a wise and welcome companion and guide.”
— Jessie T.

What is your motivation?

i have this deeply held belief that the way to heal the entire world is through doing your own work.  through striving to lead the best life you can.  through finding your own true calling.  through walking your true path.  i also believe this means that each person needs to work through the layers of hurt, pain, and stuck energy that develop in any normal beautiful life.  i have led such a blessed life and still i have had so much of my own healing work to do.  and each time i re-commit to my own healing i can see, feel, and experience how powerful the healing is.  how much my own healing then ripples out and affects the lives of everyone i come into contact with.  my motivation is to help others on this same path.  to help people to clear out what doesn’t serve them so they can shine their brightest.  to help people discover and create their own ways of living their life that cultivate healing on a daily basis.  self care, self love, self healing.  to be that extra little bit of help when anyone needs it.  i work as a healer and yet i call on other healers all the time to help me on my path.  i feel so blessed to have that help and am deeply motivated to offer the same to anyone who feels that i might be able to help them on their path.

What does “healing” mean to you?

healing means clearing out any energy that isn’t for your highest and best.  it means getting to know all the parts that you have making up who you are, making sure they are all seen, heard, and understood so they can work together in a balanced way.  clearing out old wounds so that we are a pure vessel of light and connection.  retrieving any parts of ourselves that fled the scene due to stress, trauma, shock, or heart break.  healing sometimes just means shining the light on something so that we see it.  trying to bring peace and understanding.  sometimes healing means making way for trust or creating space for a story to be shared.  sometimes the healing doesn’t look or feel like what we had thought it should or would.  but healing always means shining love into even the darkest and scariest of places.  and we all deserve that.

I worked with Robin as part of a circle of healers who gathered together to help work with issues. I asked the circle to gather information for me to help me find my true work. Robin offered her insight on my questions, and the hair stood up on my arm because it was so meaningful. I was deeply moved by the insights she shared with me about my question. I felt greatly supported and treasured. Robin did not know me, and she intuitively answered my questions, validating my own direction. I have been able to utilize this understanding in beginning my own work. I did not have the opportunity to work with Robin again to date but sent a friend to her who was delighted with her work.
— Joss, MA

What traditions do you use?

i have trained as an interspecies telepathic communicator, as a shaman, and as a yoga instructor as well as having my masters in counseling psychology.  i have also studied energy work, flower essences, homeopathy, diet, nutrition, parenting, education and essential oils.  being a psychic, an intuitive, or really being able to connect to other energies and receive messages is just a practice that came very easily to me as soon as i was introduced to it (through my interspecies telepathic communication training.)  the way that i work now seems to be unique in that i have combined so many different traditions together into my own style of practice.  the simplest way i can explain it is that i connect with my “team” and from there on out the work is guided.  but the truth is i also have a depth of knowledge on a lot of topics that i can draw on to help inform the work, to help to know what questions to ask, to help guide the process. 

Who do you think can benefit from 'healing'?

well i believe every living being deserves healing!  so i think any person, animal, or even place can benefit from healing work.  often people come to me when they are feeling a little off in some way.  maybe they are struggling physically with illness, fatigue, or injury.  sometime people come because they are suffering from chronic low energy, attention problems, depression or anger management problems.  some people come because they feel they want help finding their true calling.  some people come because they want to learn how to connect to their own spirit guides or how to communicate with their own animals.  some clients come because they feel completely lost and overwhelmed and other clients come just because they want help tweaking a small thing in their life like a certain relationship, or help shifting the energy in the home.  animal clients come for the same reasons - usually physical or behavioral issues and their person wants help figuring it out.  i also do “pre-purchase” interviews for people before they adopt any kind of animal into their home.  over the years, i have done a lot of work for parents to help them with their children.  if the child is young, i do the session with the parent and we work with the higher self of the child.  honestly the possibilities are endless i am just throwing out a few examples here!

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