death medicine keepers: monthly call

the death medicine keepers free monthly call is a group phone call/video conference where you can listen to, observe or join in conversation and practices about death, dying and grief. 

the next monthly call is scheduled for: 

june 21st, 8pm est

about death medicine:

death medicine keepers work is not only about physical death, it is also for the many ways we encounter deaths and cycles of grief in our lifetime. we may have heightened mortality awareness through experiencing long term chronic illness, or though supporting someone in this position. any major ending can bring us into deeper relationship with a sense of death; the end of a job, a relationship, or a phase of life.


about the calls:

the dmk monthly call is free and open to anyone who feels passionate, confused, or curious about exploring any of these deaths. it is a group phone call/video conference where you can listen to, observe or join in conversation and practices about death, dying and grief. on the call are people who are actively grieving, who are curious about finding peace with their own death, who are working with people who are dying, who have faced their death intimately and felt alone in that process. 


on each call:

  • holding the space & opening with intention 
  • practical and simple practices
  • story and poetry focused around the topic of the call
  • space for sharing, questions and answers 
  • speaking, or contributing to the call is never required
  • everyone who registers for the call will receive a recording, so you can join even if you can't attend live


about zoom:

zoom is a service that allows robin to invite you to join in this call live, or via recording. using zoom you can attend using laptop, smart phone, or other device as a video conference. zoom also provides a phone number you can dial directly in to if you prefer not to use the video option. the calls are recorded so that you can view the content if you are registered for the call but unable to attend live.


the death medicine keepers monthly call is intended to be simple and accessible. the zoom technology is easy, and the call is free of charge. this project is donation supported. donations cover the cost of the time and resources used to put the monthly calls together and to distribute the recordings. donations are happily accepted but are not required to join in any of the calls. 


free monthly call Frequently Asked Questions:


what is death medicine?

i use the word medicine as a way to reflect my sincere love and honoring of the death process. medicine is just a way to say - what is there to absorb and learn from this? how can i honor the beauty? what is the inherent essence of death that is a great teaching? my use of the word medicine arises out of my exposure to and love of the shamanic traditions as i have studied them. plants offer their specific medicine, animals offer their specific medicine, stones offer medicine, death offers medicine…


who is this call for?

i honestly believe this call is for everyone, because we all are living we all will die. we all will have the experience of the death of loved ones. we will also experience deaths of other kinds, the end of a relationship, a phase in life, of a job. this call if for you if you know you will be caring for someone who will die. if you are wanting to find a way to explore your relationship to your own mortality. if you lost someone you love and you are feeling isolated in your grief. this call is also for you if you are in relationship with, or working with someone who is facing their own mortality or grieving.


what if I am interested but I can’t make the live call?

you do not have to join “live.” the call is recorded and everyone who registers receives and email with the recording, whether you attended live or not.


how do i “call in”?

when you register for the call  you will receive and email from Zoom confirming your registration. this email will also provide you with some call details. included in the details will be hyperlinks you can use to join by video conference and dial in phone numbers that you can use if you prefer to dial in from your phone.


i am not technologically savvy - how does Zoom work?

if it is your first time using Zoom you might want to join the call a few minutes early. if you are joining by video conference zoom will let you set up a free account and download Zoom so it runs on your laptop or other device. if you choose to video conference in you can also turn off your camera so that you can see me but you cannot be seen. i go over how to do this at the beginning of each call. i go over this, and a few other Zoom use tips at the beginning of each call!


what happens on the call? / what are we going to talk about?

our call itinerary works a bit like this…..i begin by introducing myself and saying a little bit about how and why i created death medicine keepers. i will open the space and set out intention for the call. next i will guide one or two really simple meditation/awareness practices that you we will move through during the call, and that i encourage you to use in your day to day as well. i always share a little bit of writing, usually poetry, on topic. i will open up space to discuss, share questions and answers on both the practices we are exploring and the death and grief topic we are exploring. i will close us up with some summary, invitations, and gratitude.


you do not need any kind of experience to join in this call. i will guide you the whole way and you are free to play along as much or as little as feels good to you.


do i have to speak or contribute in any way?

there is will be a few times during our hour where the call is opened up to answer questions or share information but you are not required to speak. if you want to just dial in and listen you are welcome.


is there anything else i need to do to prepare for call?

it is great to make sure you are comfortable for the call. this might include comfortable clothes, a quiet space to yourself, a cup of tea or other favorite beverage, a notebook or paper and pen to take notes and jot down questions as they arise. if you already have a question or questions in mind please feel free to reply to this email and let me know what they are. but please remember there are no expectations on for this call, you are welcome to join in from where ever you are and just listen along.


how can this call help me with the death of my loved one, my own mortality, or my grief?

this is a big question, that hopefully is best answered experientially. with that said, i believe that our culture desperately needs open and honest conversation around death and grief. in these monthly calls i try to provide two main things: a space to explore challenging feelings and topics and practical tools that work to support us as we explore these.


personally, the more intimate experiences i have had with death the more i discovered i needed space and practices to process, imagine and explore it.


through doing so i have come closer to a peaceful relationship with death and grief. yes, death remains scary and painful in ways.  however, i can also truly feel the beauty and transformation available in death.


i want to shift dying and grieving out of isolation and back into community. if we are surrounded by the belief that death must be hidden away then we do not have space to acknowledge our own, and other people’s, loss. if we continue to relate to death as a failure, and not a part of the life cycle, we are stuck with only negative and stressful feelings about the end of life process.


creating safe space and healthy dialog around these experiences, as well as sharing practical tools that support us each individually as we explore, is my intention in these monthly calls and in all my death medicine work.


you do not need certain experience of any kind to join in. if you are here on this planet with breath in your lungs that is enough.



robin lives in small town new england with her family of two and four legged light bringers. she consistently invites you to engage with all aspects of self with authenticity, love, clarity and compassion. daily practice, movement exploration, and freedom seeking are integral pieces of robin’s life and work. robin is also a writer/wordsmith and mystic food alchemist. she is equally unafraid of primal coffee, green smoothies, kitchen dance parties, kombucha and rye. robin shows up both to hold space for the quiet and live life loud.