robin lives in small town new england with her two kiddos and a small collection of unruly four legged light bringers. when she's not working, her days include getting the kids off to school, quick blending green smoothies, sneaking in time for morning pages and awareness shifting practices, romping barefoot in the woods, reading any book she can get her hands on, feeling behind on laundry, exploring awakening, texting with kindreds while walking the dog, and wondering what to make for dinner.

she began studying telepathy and traditional shamanic healing practices in 1998 and earned a MA in counseling psychology in 2008. robin has been teaching movement, meditation and spiritual practices, and offering private and group session work in multiple modalities for almost twenty years. her favorite food is steamed artichokes with lemon butter, she is a closet bachelor/bachelorette fan, and spends a little too much time on marco polo.

robin believes that every human has the capacity to move towards a more comfortable life experience as we explore the pathways to our own awakening - and that this exploration ignites authentic compassion for all beings everywhere - completely changing the way we engage with the field. want to play along? let robin be your guide. choose an existing option or reach out to connect and see what the best fit is.


want a taste of robin?

simple & effective practices are at the core of the life philosophies that shape all of my work. please enjoy this short guided practice.