death medicine keepers

a live, virtual exploration of our experiences with crossings and flight, living and dying.


death medicine keepers offering has two different options:

the circle, a deeper dive, small group, nine week offering begins spring 2018

the project, free monthly, live, virtual  gathering march 15, 2018

the death medicine keepers project is an offering that arises out of the fertile soil of my own recent experiences with death. in july of 2017 i flew across the country to help care for my dear friend and soul sister, UmberDove - Kelly Clark. while i was there she transitioned out of her earthly body. while i was there she died. 


during those last weeks tending to her, i felt clearly that i had been preparing for my role, supporting her as she transitioned, for my entire life. as the days, weeks, and months have passed since then, i have found that the experience changed my life both in challenging and immensely beautiful ways. it is painful to mourn and grieve great loss, and it is also a breathtaking gift to witness the transition out of embodied life, to better understand the truth of how brief and precious our time here is, to feel this freedom and be invigorated to shake off fear and live with greater joy and courage.


we will all die. every living being that we know and love will die. it is the most certain part of this life. and yet, as i deepened my intimacy with death, i found myself surrounded by a culture not quite able to help me see the beauty and grace. or the complexities of tending and grieving. or the ways we remain connected. 

since july i have been writing, journeying, working with card decks, and channeling connection and information to deepen my relationship with living and dying. it has been a necessary practice to hold space for my own grieving process - and it has been isolated.


my hope is that with death medicine keepers project we can create a safe space for shared practice and exploration. in this vein, i want to welcome you to join me. this will be a container for story, connection, guidance, and support around death and dying. i will share small pieces of the work i have been doing on my own in hope that it sparks to life your brilliant exploration of living and dying.


i will have other death medicine keepers join me (Allison Sattinger, Brad Clark, Candace Morris, Jessica Tousignant) and i will have you, those who gather in the space to listen and bear witness - and to share your own unique and needed knowing. 


we will journey through the unfolding of this mystery together.

we will explore this beautiful mystery together.


you do not need certain experience of any kind to join in. if you are here on this planet with breath in your lungs that is enough.