discover life in your authentic, resonant truth. 

one-on-one luminary collaborative sessions offer a space and practice for exploration of ways to radically expand into and shift your life. robin offers guided and held time to listen and speak, to touch sacred permissions and support you as you reclaim your inherent and spectacular freedoms. together we explore, to meet and give voice to layers of your own creation, protectors, patterns and lesser known parts. this internal mapping creates trust so we can extend invitations to all of the self to rejoin the active, curious, engaged loving and living of you own particular life. 


we can work together with all kinds of support systems, animal medicine, personal teams, stone allies, plant medicine and ways to dive deeper into your own intuitive living. 


in these we allow ourselves to discover the internal terrain of your body system, the habitual and patterned way your pieces and parts have learned to interact with each other and the world around them. we also work together to discover simple and profound practice that you can easily work with in your day to day life. these practices point you towards ways to locate the being state that is your inherent and authentic life force energy. from this place you can work with your own personal system as you determine how you want to engage with your world. 


through this collaboration we travel to our rightful place as empowered beings. we return again and again to lake of the authentically self compassionate being, and ease back into knowing everything and nothing all at once. we experience the bliss and strength of true acceptance of all self, the power of our own resonance and the ability to feel deeply connected both internally and with the outside world. 


primarily, we listen to the whispers of your own knowing to re-discover your most loved practices, your most inspired being, your luminous embodied truth. 


luminary collaborative sessions are the most customized space of robin’s work. her years of experience, unique capacties, and voracious learning have created a deep body of work from which she can draw. this combines with your own authentic system to create space for real, profound, and loving shifts in your system. this will touch all aspects of your living and support you in your desire to show up fully with and for everything—and most divinely, your self.  


“Robin has a loving, yet down-to-earth, practical approach, as she holds the space for you to be YOU {you beyond your imagination—or perhaps, what you imagined all along}.

She speeds up emerging wisdom & her work is the magnification of that tiny, little inner voice inside you that speaks, yet often goes ignored. She brings that voice to the forefront, displaying the profound importance of it all & connects the dots of your inner world, aspirations, potential and your already badass self. Whenever she gives homework between sessions, it always feels like a special treat. She consistently & precisely makes micro adjustments to your sails, pointing you in the direction of the expression of your highest work in the world & the highest potential of your being. I am very discerning & extremely responsible about who I give recommendations for; Robin is one—among those I can count on one hand—that I wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation—she is the real deal. I have worked closely with Robin—in total & utter vulnerability—for both business and personal reasons. She is without a doubt, pure magic.”

—Katie Hess
Flower Alchemist, Author, Founder of

luminary collaborative sessions are offered by phone, video conference, and in person. you are welcome to feast on more details, receive answers, or accept the invitation to book a session. please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries about beginning our work together.