in.body Intensive

June 2015*

An intensive exploration of your own embodiment and evolution.  Deep diving work to raise your velocity and change where you live from. 

  • one on one healing sessions
  • daily communication
  • customized playful physical practices
  • small group container
  • meditation
  • body temple living recipes and concoction guides
  • writing and creation 
  • a collection of sacred adornments and wild crafted treasures

"I am ready for the bigness that has been waiting for me."


This is a multifaceted journey inwards.  An organic shift towards.  A well lit coming home.  This is not about the body you look at in the mirror. It is about the body that is filled and emptied by your breath.  The body that is the vessel which embraces you in this life.  The deepest truest you that hums in the marrow of your bones, the cellular contractions of your heart, the flow of your cerebrospinal fluid.  This is the body that can contain stillness within movement and silence within sound.  


the body that is life.  the space that was destined to hold you.


This isn’t just appreciating or getting to know, it is deep listening and whole landing.  Being in.body. So often we flee without even knowing it but the return - the return - is both simple and sacred.  It is where the answers lie.  It where you are.  It is your truest compass of all.  We seek a loving living relationship in.body because we know feel trust believe that there is gold in there.  And we were born deserving this exact gold. 

"Robin is the most generous soul... she's down to earth, and yet a surreal presence. Working through Robin's (in.body introductory) course gave me a deeper understanding of myself, my body, and my heart. With her as your guide you are bound to unearth, embody, and love places and thoughts you haven't touched in years, in a gentle and held way."              - Corinne

*Enrollment in this intensive is by application only.  Please contact me directly so we can set up a time to talk and begin application process.  Email robin.e.sandomirsky at gmail dot com or use the form below if you are interested in learning more about the program.  I am excited to connect with you and explore the potential to work together.

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