$23 or $13 monthly

audio file invitations to amplify and align your authentic daily life.


illuminate offers up to five short audio files per week delivered directly to you via text and/or email.  (you can check out a few samples below.)  these simple invitations include:

  • guided meditations

  • relevant spoken prose and channeled inspiration

  • gentle movement exploration

  • musings and reflections on living a resonant embodied life

  • occasional recipes and other goodies

  • beautiful & aligned guest contributions

illuminate is offered at two different monthly subscriptions prices $13 or $23.  we trust you to choose the price that is most representative of the currency you have available to exchange for this offering. 
please subscribe to begin receiving your audio file invitations.  once enrolled in illuminate you will be automatically charged the subscription price each month.  
during enrollment please let us know if you prefer to have audio file links delivered to you via text or email.  simply type your preference in notes at check out.

illuminate $13 monthly subscription:


illuminate $23 monthly subscription:

illuminate provides inspiring frameworks for accepting and amplifying your own powerful embodied truth with ease and compassionate curiosity.  

each audiofile invitation is created with the intention of supporting all members of the illuminate circle to discover and live from our full inherent capacity in this lifetime. each audio file is downloadable so you have access anytime you want. 

the illuminate downloads will encourage combining velocity with ease to invoke your authentic resonant power with the time, space and practices that emerge for you.   you can listen, reflect, and engage in your own ways - utilize what feels resonant and release what does not.  process and layer these invitations to enhance vibrancy and truth in your daily life.

we wax and wane with the moon, acknowleding each lunar month having two energetic phases; the time from new moon to full moon you will receive a steadier flow of audio file invitations to engage with. from full moon to new moon we slow slightly, inviting you into a space of reflection and gentle integration.  of course, these are just loose maps and we trust spirit and intuition to guide all of the audio invitations created and shared.

in the coming months guest contributors include but are not limited to: MaryBeth Bonfiglio, Alisha SommerKristina WingeierKatie Hess, Kelly Clark aka UmberDove and Lisa Reinhardt

what can you expect to receive?  here is an audio file sample meditation:

frequently asked questions:

how are audio files delivered by text?

i am using an application (originally designed for teachers) to be able to easily deliver audio file links directly to your phone via text.  you can either download the application to your phone or simply receive the file link via text message.  replying is also easy: either reply to the texts via the app or directly in your text window. 

i am hopeful that this will allow for ease and flow in engaging with the content of illuminate monthly.  the text app also allows you to sign up to receive email notification of all texts that are sent.


can i only receive the file via text?

if you do not want to receive any texts, simply choose email delivery when you register. 


what is channeled inspiration?

my main body of work resides in one on one luminary transformation sessions.  these sessions combine a lifetime of study and practice and include receiving support and information from unseen guides and energies.  often times, through the course of a week, there are themes that arise over and over in the one on one sessions - allowing me to have a sense of information that is relevant to the collective.  i will translate this information into short audio files to help guide and support the illuminate monthly subscription circle participants. 


what is movement exploration?

movement exploration audio files will include a variety of invitations to engage in gentle and functional movement.  these will be easily tailored to include almost any physical ability.  all invitations will be designed to encourage a movement-based daily lifestyle and comfortable embodied practices.  


what is a live video/call?

i will be using Zoom video conference hosting to have one live video experience per month.  Zoom is user friendly and allows many people to join a live video call.  you can join via laptop, tablet or smartphone - any device that has video capability.  there are also dial-in options so you can join as a simple phone call.  the monthly live circle will be recorded for those who have time conflicts.


what happens after the free month?

illuminate is a monthly subscription offering.  the first month (november 29 - december 29, 2016) is free - after which it will become a paid subscription.  because i personally hate it when free trials are automatically turned into paid subscriptions with no reminder to cancel, i am asking that you enroll again if you want to continue for the transition to the paid subscription.  i will share ample reminders and instructions about this as the transition time approaches.

what else can you expect?  here are a few more audio file samples:

curious about illuminate and new to robin’s work?  you can apply for one free month of illuminate audio files.  to request an application, submit your email address here:

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