the hunger moon

a full day healing immersion.


i invite you to set aside saturday february 20 to gather virtually and submerge yourself in a combination of practices assembled to satiate our hunger for healing.


the schedule:

friday the 19th: 9pm hello and welcome

saturday the 20th: 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm

sunday the 21st: 2pm thank you and questions

(all times EST)

i will ask you to have the majority of the weekend available to be in a space of reflection, creation, and connection.  i will be present and engaging with you through the spreecast format and time in our private facebook space.  


because we are hungering for healing.

wanting for a deep soothe of our wintered energetic system.

readying to recalibrate towards the light.


spreecasts will include invitations to engage with preparing food and drink to sustain and nourish, movement to welcome you into a more embodied state, meditation and chanting to clear and center, and an invitation to write and create (journal, paint, sculpt, weave, chose your magic) in ways that will lead you more deeply into your own inherent and authentic ways of being.  spree casts will also provide a way to ask questions and engage with one another.


a short guide will be in your hands the week of february 9th letting you know what ingredients and other goodies you may want to have on hand and outlining some recipes you might want to play with as we prepare for our time together.  


this is a small group immersion experience so i strongly encourage you to join up knowing that your schedule is cleared and you attend the sprecasts live.  and knowing how difficult “all” can be the spreecasts will be recorded and can be viewed later as needed.  



a healing immersion with the hunger moon.


so what is the season then?  opened with brigid/imbolc - candles ringing her hair spring and promising her way back to us in her own good time.  the first day of the month - a marking of the midway between the depth of winter solstice and balance of spring equinox.  rolling through the new moon and a season of honoring the tides of love.  coming to rest, on the 22nd, in the light of the full moon.

february holds a special place in my heart because it is the month of my birth.  marking the time of my decision to join once again.  to try my hand at this life.  this exact one.  

the february moon in this hemisphere is known primarily by three names.  the snow moon (soundless brilliance and muting beauty), the wolf moon (our wildish nature padding through the forest with coat thick and belly rumbling), and the hunger moon.


because we are hungering for healing.

wanting for a deep soothe of our wintered energetic system.

readying to recalibrate towards the light.


a weekend of immersion and connection.  a way to meet your hungers from the soft space of your home.  


we will put together some food and drink to satiate our hunger.

find space to meditate and clear.

work the spark of own creation through words and/or art.

invite ourselves to soften and burn more fully into our embodied state.


one weekend.

just us.

diving a little deeper.

taking a little better care.

exploring together.


what can you expect?

an invitation into a space of healing.  a healing that is guided and supported by your own particular ways of being in the world, by the time of year we are in, and by my own team and experiences.  we can call it a retreat, an exploration, an experience, a conversation - for it will be all of these things.  but, if i am honest i am here to be a healer.  and with the understanding that healing is in itself entirely undefinable and often unexpected i still have to say.


come, step into the light.

honor the shadow.

set aside some time.

hunger moon healing.