I chose to work with Robin to navigate a time of big transition for myself and my business. I wanted someone who could hold the big dreams and help me start to put those on the ground, while also navigating physical and emotional challenges that were present due to life circumstances.
— Jessie T.

Robin has illuminated many layers of my self as she guides me, time and again, toward incredible shifts and new edges—not in some far off ‘there’ or ‘then,’ but actually here and now in my everyday life. She does not rush me, but we are never idle. She celebrates me and, to my surprise and relief, does not tire of my stumbling along the rocky inner landscapes.

— Jenny D.

From the first session, it was clear that working with Robin was the answer to a prayer that I almost dared not make. She sees so effortlessly into the hidden corners of the mind, and leads the dance that reveals the strengths and unravels the follies. I have deep abiding gratitude for our work together—it’s been utterly transformative.

— Lisa R.

Robin is a gifted helper and guide. She has helped me find clarity and a direction for action in my personal growth and in the growth of my business. Our sessions leave me with practical actions to focus on and also with a big-picture sense of reconnecting to my center.

— Jonathan B.

Robin E. Sandomirsky is a Light Bringer and Vanquisher of Shame.  With fear and trembling I began working with her, only to be amazed at the freedom and growth I am experiencing. She brings truth and hope. 
I highly recommend journeying with her for the adventure of a lifetime.

— Beverly s.



simple & effective practices are at the core of the life philosophies that shape all of my work. please enjoy this short guided practice.