grief & mortality sessions: death support


  • individuals facing death.
  • individuals living with mortality awareness due to chronic disease.
  • individuals in supportive and care roles of those facing mortality.
  • individuals in active grief.
  • individuals supporting those in active grief.
  • individuals working with death and grief in a professional capacity.


  • safe and appropriate language options to discuss death and grief.
  • confidence to regard death and dying as beautiful.
  • concrete practices to affirm life and it's relationship to death.
  • space to process fears, questions and the realities of living with death.
  • normalizing death, dying, and grief for individuals and communities.
  • rewriting narratives around life, death, and grief.


  • four weeks of individualized private teaching and support around death and grief.
  • join on your own or bring along a friend/family member at no additional cost.
  • includes one weekly phone/video immersion with robin for one session (approx 40-55 minutes).
  • includes one weekly phone/video check-in with robin (approx 10-15 minutes).
  • includes customized practices and worksheets as suited to the individuals practice


robin lives in small town new england with her family of two and four legged light bringers. she consistently invites you to engage with all aspects of self with authenticity, love, clarity and compassion. daily practice, movement exploration, and freedom seeking are integral pieces of robin’s life and work. robin is also a writer/wordsmith and mystic food alchemist. she is equally unafraid of primal coffee, green smoothies, kitchen dance parties, kombucha and rye. robin shows up both to hold space for the quiet and live life loud.