death medicine keepers: overview

an exploration of our experiences with crossings and flight, living and dying.


death medicine keepers is a series of programs designed to offer language, practices, and support around death, dying, and grief to the greater community. many of us are living within a culture that teaches us to avoid the realities of death. we are fearful, anxious, or uncomfortable thinking, talking about, or experiencing this natural part of the life cycle. we feel lost as we explore our mortality, and the mortality of those we love and care for. 


life experience, personal practice and supportive training can help us to discover a solid sense of the beauty and freedoms that can accompany death. dying involves suffering and fear but it can also be rich with peace and transformative energy. 


in order explore our relationship to death, we first must feel safe holding space for our own discomfort. in all death medicine keepers projects, we root into out ability to work with simple and practical tools that help us to experience our authentic okayness even while suffering. this framework provides stable support as we learn to honor death of all kinds and as we learn language, creative practice, and states of awareness that help us to explore our own relationship to death and grief. with some guidance and gentle support, we can make peace with death in ways that ease our own fears and ultimately allow us to hold space for others as they explore mortality as well. this naturally extends into our capacity to understand and navigate grief. 


life and death are intricately linked so the work of deepening our own understanding of death opens up brilliant new freedoms in the way we engage with our living. 

death medicine keepers currently has two different offerings:

free monthly call

a group phone call to listen, observe or join in conversation and practices about death, dying and grief.


grief & morality sessions

death support: a four week customized program for individuals exploring mortality and/or grief.




robin lives in small town new england with her family of two and four legged light bringers. she consistently invites you to engage with all aspects of self with authenticity, love, clarity and compassion. daily practice, movement exploration, and freedom seeking are integral pieces of robin’s life and work. robin is also a writer/wordsmith and mystic food alchemist. she is equally unafraid of primal coffee, green smoothies, kitchen dance parties, kombucha and rye. robin shows up both to hold space for the quiet and live life loud.