one on one luminary transformation details

what exactly is the work? here is some basic detail information for you to read through.  please contact me with questions.

at this point, the most comfortable model for engaging in one on one luminary transformation involves us working together for significantly more than one session.  occasionally, especially when we are clear before we begin, a single session works beautifully - but to achieve a depth of transformation and clarity around long term patterns and to activate authentic capacity we will often need to establish a working relationship that involves a series of sessions.  


over the years i have been honored to work with a broad range of people and animals for a variety of reasons.  at this point i work primarily in a one on one long term transformation model.  during our time together we engage with a variety of modalities to invite authentic core self more fully into all aspects of your life.  this means, regardless of what we think we are after, we will end up touching and transforming it all: your physical practices, work in the world, primary relationships, etc.

“All I can say is WOW! From the first session, it was clear that working with Robin was the answer to a prayer that I almost dared not make. She sees so effortlessly into the hidden corners of the mind, and leads the dance that reveals the strengths and unravels the follies. I have deep abiding gratitude for our work together—it’s been utterly transformative. Working with Robin is the kind of experience that I wish everyone could have, but there’s only one Robin. If you yearn for an ally in transformation, absolutely do it now!”
— Lisa Reinhardt

most people choose to have a series of hour long sessions once a week to begin our work together.  once we have a clear connection, sessions may be spaced further apart and short check-in length sessions can prove useful.  


we will decide together when our work is complete and we will close the work with honor and integrity.  


during the time that we are in a continued luminary transformational session relationship, you are free to e-mail, call or text me at any time and receive some extra information or support.  this is just a part of the way i work in the world and - within reason - it is covered in the cost of the session work.


the idea is to utilize my capacity to connect, channel, feel, amplify and activate to bring you more deeply into your own resonant, authentic truth in this lifetime.  to enhance your capacity to engage with your self and your way in the world, to clarify your path and bring velocity into all realms of your life.  it is my life’s work and i am deeply dedicated to it.  once we are connected you will have me by your side as we walk through the forest together - this is my contract, my aim, and my calling.


many people find their clarity to engage in sessions with me simply by the quiet urge, the unspoken tug you feel in your deep belly or your heart.  others come because they have heard my name through friends or confidants and they just know it is time.  i always encourage you to trust your inner knowing.  although i feel it is imperative to let you know that a commitment to a series of sessions will provide the utmost shape shifting, i also insist that you check in with yourself at all times to make sure our work is filling you up, bringing light and embodied knowing into your daily life.  


luminary transformation sessions can be scheduled for adults (i work with both men and women), children and animals.  for my work with children and animals i usually work with an adult as the primary contact - meaning that the session is conducted through and with the parent or guardian of the child or animal.  most of my work is done long distance via phone or video conference (skype or zoom), i do also meet with people in person as schedule and location allow.


“Over the past several months, Robin has illuminated many layers of my self as she guides me, time and again, toward incredible shifts and new edges—not in some far off ‘there’ or ‘then,’ but actually here and now in my everyday life. She does not rush me, but we are never idle. She celebrates me and, to my surprise and relief, does not tire of my stumbling along the rocky inner landscapes. Nor does she shy away from my darkness. When those moments arise, she turns on the flashlight so we may explore deeper. There is great integrity and care in her process that allows such flow and ease. sometimes the knowings and visions come so quickly through her that I can barely catch my breath and that is when she gifts me the beautiful, connected space necessary for the unfolding and integrating. I am so very blessed to be connected with her.”
— Jenny D.

for those who really love a list, below are some more concrete examples of reasons people have felt compelled to work with me:


personal healing with adults

a little guidance in times of stress or decision making:

  •  choosing a new job
  • designing or building a business
  •  shifting into or out of a partnership
  • adopting an animal
  • moving/relocation

support through some longer term struggle:

  •     long term illness
  •     chronic pain
  •     postpartum depression
  •     chronic depression
  •     anger management
  •     addictions
  •     trauma

healing around a particular event or life circumstance:

  •     loss of a loved one
  •     loss of a job
  •     accident or injury
  •     ending of any significant relationship

soul retrieval and or healing ancestral trauma or patterning.

I am currently relying on Robin to guide me in growth I have been too self-conscious and fearful to pursue previously. While I worked with a traditional therapist to see me through some dark and traumatic times, that is not the journey Robin and I are on. I experience Robin as a guide into worlds and ways I hoped might exist, but couldn’t really imagine for myself. Also, Robin is funny and irreverent and welcomes my filthy language.
— Katie M.


personal healing with children

most of my work with young children is done through the working with the parent.  the session usually includes me communicating verbally with the parent and offering healing and guidance to the parent.  during the session i will be energetically and telepathically connected to my team and the child so as to gather specific guidance and information from and help to bring transformation to their higher self, physical and energetic bodies.

i have helped children through:

  • colic (stressful transition into the body after birth)
  • behavioral struggles (hitting, biting, potty learning, repeated tantrums)
  • emotional imbalance (stress, anxiety, depression)
  • assessing and addressing food allergies, environmental allergies, and other sensitivities.  

i have worked to clear past life and ancestral trauma with children was well.

i have also worked to support and empower adults who feel they are parenting a spirited, sensitive, or high needs child (or just any child - parenting is tough work).  again i use the connection with my team to guide these sessions as well as my own knowledge and experience through studying psychology and parenting and finally my own experience in the field - assistant teaching at a waldorf inspired early childhood program for many years and parenting my two children.

Robin E. Sandomirsky is a Light Bringer and Vanquisher of Shame. With fear and trembling I began working with her, only to be amazed at the freedom and growth I am experiencing. She brings truth and hope. I highly recommend journeying with her for the adventure of a lifetime.

— Beverly Straight, Warrior

animal communication

much of my work with animals is done through working with their caretaker.  a sessions often involves me communicating verbally with the person who has contacted me while being energetically and telepathically connected to the spirit and physical body of the animal we are doing the work for.  

hese sessions can help address almost any physical or behavioral issues.  using information from the animal to help determine and treat:

  • chronic illness
  • chronic lamenesses

gathering messages to better understand unwanted behaviors:

  • soiling in the house
  • kicking
  • biting
  • bucking
  • rearing
  • refusing to work
  • refusing to jump
  • spooking
  • trailering issues
  • aggressive behavior

i offer pre-purchase or pre-adoption interviews to help determine if an animal will be a good fit for your family - or for working animals if they will be a good fit for the type of work you want to do.  

i also help support people though the process of saying goodbye to a beloved animal; from determining if the animal is ready to leave their body to speaking with the spirit of the animal after it has crossed over to receive messages.  

i do my animal communication work both long distance and in person.  when working in person the work may also include hands on healing and/or use of flower essences or essential oils.  

i do traditional shamanic journey work for animals including soul retrieval work and healing past life or ancestral trauma.


Robin is a gifted helper and guide. She has helped me find clarity and a direction for action in my personal growth and in the growth of my business. Our sessions leave me with practical actions to focus on and also with a big-picture sense of reconnecting to my center. I know it is time to call her when I hit a patch of life in which I can’t seem to tune into my own sense of intuition and personal direction. I take great comfort having her in my corner.
— Jonathan, MA


beyond working as channel, luminary healer and animal communicator myself, i feel called to help people discover their own ability to connect, communicate, listen, transform and craft their own practice.  


i do work teaching people how to connect to power animals and spirit guides or with higher powers that can help guide you through life.  i guide people through how to bring transformational daily practice, ceremony and embodiemnt into your own life.  i teach how to connect and communicate with your animal friends, spirit guides, nature and teachers.  

you can arrange sessions with me to learn something as basic as telepathic animal communication, or we can work more long term to help you discover the style of deep practice and connection that works best to guide and support you in claiming authentic resonance in your own life.

There is a beautiful resonance that comes from being truly heard, understood and known. Timely insights, support and space being held for the work we do... This is what comes with every session I’ve experienced with Robin. It enables me to feel comfortable truly being myself in so many ways. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her beautiful work.
— Carla M.