unburdening your internal operating system

when i first met Katie Hess, of Lotus Wei (and SAN Center, and Earth Aura Retreats) i had that feeling in my system like, yes. this was several years ago and i was at the time still more mired in some of my shy/reserved patterning. we were both at a women’s circle gathering in california, and it wasn’t until the last day that i walked up to her (and Lisa Rienhardt of Wei of Chocolate) and attempted to speak to them directly. what came out was something like, “this probably sounds weird but i believe i’d like to know you.”

i will be honest with you, sparks did not fly. they both sort of looked at me perplexed and then the moment was over. in fact, katie reflected back at me months later that she didn’t really understand why i had approached them, and that she hadn’t imagined us ending up so connected.

i want to share this beginning of the katie and robin story because of two things: 1. i want to be transparent that i have a hard time with things - at that moment it was hard to me to connect socially, authentically. actually it was so hard that each of the nights that we gathered as i circle i climbed into my bed early and cried to myself. i was uncomfortable and frustrated, sad and feeling very self isolated. 2. even though it didn’t appear that my moment of courageous effort “worked” at first, it was the first step in something. it began a process of connection.

since that first awkward moment, things fell into place such that i have had the honor and opportunity to connect with katie in several different ways. she has sat with me for both personal and business sessions, i have joined her in facilitating retreats, and we have discovered a really simple and amazing human to human friendship as well.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 11.48.54 AM.png

recently katie and i sat down and chatted about some of the nuances and particulars of what it is like to work with me, on her podcast, flowerlounge. in this episode we cover some theory and practice around the art of unburdening our “human operating system” so we can more often live from our awake awareness, or true nature. its always so fun for me to talk to katie because she is soft and open and she asks great questions.

if you aren’t familiar with her podcast i highly recommend it. she is a beautiful podcast host and she has guests with all kinds of expansive wisdom to share. if you want to listen to our most recent chat it is here. she also references two previous episodes, one where i talk about experiencing death as beautiful, after the passing of my dear friend Kelly Clark, Umberdove. and one were we riff on the importance of prioritizing relationship with our self over all other relationships.

if you listen and have any questions you can send me an email, or go ahead and leave a comment here. i’ll reply to you directly and/or make sure katie and i reply to the questions next time we sit down and record a conversation.

for a little more fun, i’ll be “taking over” the Lotus Wei instagram today, thursday the 26th, to share further musings on their stories. follow along or come interact there if you like!

to be normal