the pefectionism trap of our minds can be so real. we have stories about the people we cross paths with out in the world, or scroll past on social media. how they are so happy, have it all together, are great at parenting, never forget what night the open house at school is. we have stories about our colleagues and friends, they do their spiritual practice every day, never procrastinate a deadline, make way more money than we ever will. we all, and most especially us estrogen brained humans, are in a constant state of evaluating ourselves, of comparing ourselves to the “perfect person (woman).”

it has been over a year since i last sent a note out to you. i want to confess, that over that long stretch of time, as we measure it, i have thought of you often. sometimes missing the simple art of writing words and sending them - sometimes turning the whole experience of not doing so into a monster of sorts, a failure. feeling like i wasn’t meeting my own standards, not producing enough, not following through on some idea i had of how frequent notes should be. failing at being an entrepreneur, or running my business.