luminary explorer. freedom igniter.
warrior blooded. game changer.

I am robin e. sandomirsky.  I live in small town New England with my children and my four leggeds.  I have been a story teller, worshipping at the altars of the word for as long as I can remember.  Scribbled truths and half poems tracking me and guiding me down my lifelines.  I have been a healer and teacher since I came of age.  I will hold your hand and burn you through the spaces from here to there.  If you are ready to come home, to fill whole, to rise up to your next elevation, then you are my people.  We use the gentle pathways of deepest love and inherent velocity to achieve the simple impossible.  We change your life.  

I am robin e. sandomirsky.  In February of 1978 I was ushered into this world in the soft embrace of one of Boston’s biggest and most famous blizzards.  A deep brilliance of white.  In this lifetime I have danced the darkness many times but I am a holder and bringer of light.  I don’t seek to present any perfection only what I know to be true.  If you want to come home to your own sacred body, if you want to gift yourself the freedom of your being, if you want to touch that stuff you can feel under your skin and at the core of your core then you are ready to do this work.  

"The fact is, Robin has changed my life.  In both gentle hand-holding and bad-ass warrior-ing, she has held up a flame to illuminate my truths, helped me reconnect with long lost pieces of my soul, expand the horizons of my potential and liberate my clearest voice.  She has guided me down the paths of self-permission, self-acceptance and self-as-home.  I call her my shaman therapist, because truly, that is what she has been for me." - Kelly Clark a.k.a. UmberDove

I am a writer.  I am a healer.  I am home.

I have been called a spiritual advisor, a shaman fairy, a shapeshifter, a heart warrior.  My practice evolves and rises.  I work with all forms and levels - physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional, bliss, divine.  My team and guides are powerful connection that hold the web of transformation support and know the map of all healing.  I have trained and worked as a shaman, psychic, channel, interspecies communicator, hands on and intuitive healer for many years.  I have earned a BA and an MA in Counseling Psychology.  I am a certified Yoga Instructor.  I have studied health, nutrition, homeopathy, flower essences, herbs, movement, balance, anatomy, and anything else I can get my hands on.  

My lineage contains my fullness.  We work the land, we are artists, we homestead,  our hands know all forms of creation.  We study the healing arts, we were born knowing, we were sacrificed and sought.  We enter the highest institutions of learning, our minds eclipsing the ordinary to weave together knowing from fact and cellular memory.  

I am robin e. sandomirsky.  I am just another mama in a suburban town packing school lunches, drinking green smoothies and making time on my yoga mat.  Going for a short run with my dog, grabbing a dirty cheeseburger from the place one town over, having a double shot of whiskey on a Monday night.  I love connection and long talks and the forest and the sun.  I bake bread and cookies.  I simmer bone broth, and watch crappy TV.  And I am more.

I am robin e. sandomirsky.  Luminary explorer.  Freedom Igniter.  Warrior blooded game changer.  Living by the tenets.  Truth.  Velocity.  Embodiment.  I am a writer.  I am a healer.  I am home.  

If you feel a longing in your spirit that won’t let you stop.  If you are wanting to touch the next level of your self.  If you are scared, and excited, and lost, and finding then you are my people.  Welcome to the work.  I can midwife you to your higher potential.  We will move in with deep love and expansion.  We will meet all of you.  The holy whole.  It won’t always be pretty but I will not leave your side.  Truth.  Velocity.  Embodiment.  I am here.  

"Robin is a gifted helper and guide.  She offers a window on a truth that I very deeply want, but did not fully know that I was asking for.  It is exhilarating to be so closely connected to a level of awareness that I can't always connect to." - Jonathan